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October 15
Sudhir Gupta
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Sudhir Gupta is a founder of Amtel Group. He has over 30 years experience of working in Russia and CIS and has in the course of his career established a strong reputation for building from scratch businesses that became key players in their respective industries and markets e.g. tyre manufacturing and distribution, juice manufacturing and distribution. In 1983 Mr. Gupta graduated from Moscow State University of People's Friendship named after Patrice Lumumba. In 1986 he studied finance and management in Tokyo International Institute. Sudhir Gupta has a Ph.D. degree in Agricultural science. In 2000 Mr. Gupta was awarded with “Order of Friendship”, one of the highest honors of the Russian government. In 2000 he became an Honored Council of the Republic of Ukraine in Singapore. In 2001 according to Ukrainian President Decree Mr. Gupta was awarded with the honor "For achievements" of III degree. In 2001 Mr. Gupta was awarded with Peter the Great premium for essential contribution into development of Russian industry.

Daniel Gupta
Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Gupta graduated from London School of Economics and Political Science in 2004. After graduation he returned to Russia to found Amtel Properties, a real estate development company. Since inception in 2005 Amtel Properties has demonstrated significant growth and expanded its operation in Russia, CIS and Geogia.

Stanislav Suprunov
Executive Director

Stanislav Suprunov joined Amtel Group in 1992. Mr Suprunov held different positions in Amtel Group, including Head of Saint Petersburg office, General Director of Amtel-Sibir, Chief Operating Officer of Amtel Holdings Holland N.V., etc. Now Stanislav Suprunov works as Executive Director of Amtel Properties. He graduated from Saint Petersburg institute of precise mechanics and optics in 1993.